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Re: [IP] Medtronic cgm sof-sensor

On 6/21/2011 9:33 PM, Julie Keesey wrote:
 > My daughter started on the Minimed cgm back in April and doesn't use it
> just to tweak her numbers occasionally.  Lots of reasons why she doesn't want
> to wear it continuously.  When we got the cgm, we got 3 boxes of sof-sensors.
> They all expire in August, and she has yet to finish the first box.  I'm
> wondering if anyone has any experience using these after the expiration date.
> If she shouldn't use them after the expiration, I am wondering if there is
> anyone in the Kalamazoo, MI area that has sensors that expire later in the
> fall who would be willing to trade a box or two of the August expirations if
> you would use them up before they expire.  You may email me separately.
> Thanks.
> Julie
> .
The manufacturer would disagree, but they should be fine for at least 
another year.  Just keep them cool and dry (not cold).

Clint Randolph, Critical Care Paramedic
T1 2002
2010 Ping/Dexcom 7+
Jacksonville, FL
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