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Re: [IP] Blog: I'm pumping!!

I think the idea is that there is probably some insulin pooled around the
canula from the old site, which can ooze out when you pull out the canula.
 There is also some thinking that the new site may take a little while to get
going, and the residual insulin at the old site can help you through that
period. I don't think this necessarily applies to all pumpers -- my son has
tended to go low when he changes sites, probably because his previous site has
already started to deteriorate.  He doesn't leave his old site in but I do
know pumpers who leave it in for the first 24 hours after a site change.  

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That's interesting.  I'm curious as to how that works?

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Bob,  this may have been mentioned but some people find that leaving the old
site  in place for awhile after a site change cuts down on high bgs that
a  site change.
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