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[IP] Metronic vs Dexcom CGMS

 I used the Medtronic CGMS with both the 522 and the Revel. I continued to wear
it only because it was highly suggested in the field I was in.  

In my experience with CGMS, the accuracy left a lot to be desired.  It was not 
uncommon to be off by more than 100 points.  I did a study and wore both the 
 Dexcom and Medtronic CGMS for 7 days (yes I know its longer than the 3 days per
sensor as suggested by Medtronic).  What I found was that the Dexcom was more 
 comfortable to place, easier to calibrate, more accurate over all yet very much
 so in the hypoglycemic numbers. I found that acetaminophen did alter the Dexcom
numbers, making them higher, and it was easy to notice on the graph, yet a 
recalibration would bring the numbers right back to normal.  

The CGMS size caused bleeding at the sites and bruises.  The Dexcom felt much 
better.  The Enlite may be better when it comes.  We will see the results when 
the studies are done, yet after my experiences, I would have to have better 
 assurance than Medtronic provided before. I found myself still monitoring 8-12
times per day even when I was wearing CGMS.  I am sure some have had good 
results with CGMS and Dexcom, and I am sure some have had bad results with 
both.  But in my case, Dexcom was much better hands down.  When you look at 
carrying a pump, Dexcom receiver, phone, keys, etc it doesn't seem to be a 
benefit at this time.  If Animas and Dexcom join, it should be a great merger 
creating a great product and one I will consider switching brands.
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