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Re: [IP] Eye Occlusion

 Odd-occlusions are blockages and not usually related to diabetes. They are
usually caused by high cholesterol where a piece of cholesterol build up
(plaque) breaks off from somewhere else and travels downstream until it plugs a
small artery that it cannot get through. So, kind of the oppposite of bleeding,
it is a lack of blood flow.
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Subject: [IP] Eye Occlusion
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I went to my retina specialist yesterday, and he said that I have an  
occlusion in my right eye due to diabetes. He said that if I keep my sugars  
 under better control, the occlusion would get better. One question that I have
is, does anyone here know what an occlusion in the eye is? Does this mean I 
 have a hole or am bleeding in my eye?  I'm sorry, I know I should have  
ask the doctor, but this time I didn't.  I think I will call his office  later 
I guess.
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