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[IP] Metronic vs Dexcom CGMS

 If I were you, I would think twice and then think twice again before switching
to the Medtronic CGMS, especially since you are already using Dexcom.

 I use the Revel pump and think it's a great pump. I used the Medtronic CGMS for
2-1/2 years. One thing I will say is the integration of the CGMS with the pump
is fabulous and Medtronic has done an excellent job integrating the two. The
Revel has a lot of features that the 522 did not have.

 That being said, I found the Medtronic CGMS to be painful and inaccurate. I
tried all the tricks in the book (maybe I should say on the web), and for me, it
got more painful and inaccurate as time went on. As a 35-year veteran of Type 1,
I'm used to blood and pain. But after so many painful and gushing blood
insertions of the Medtronic system, I finally said no more. If it had been
accurate, maybe I could have tougher it out. Of course sometimes it was close to
my BG numbers, but just os often, it was too high or too low. Not by 10-20
points, but by 100 or more points.

 I have just switched to Dexcom and am having a much better experience. The
accuracy is incredible compared to what I had with Medtronic. I've only done one
insertion so far, but it was easy and painless.

 I miss the integration with the pump a lot. I'm struggling to find room for my
pump, phone, Dexcom receiver, and car keys on my body. My pockets are
overflowing, but I will keep looking for a solution. But right now, that
solution is not to return to the Medtronic CGMS. Once the Enlite sensor comes to
the USA, I might make a different decision.

 By asking for help here, you're doing the right thing. But IMO, beware of the
Medtronic system.
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