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RE: [IP] Medco Insulin delivery

Since insulin is good at room temp for 30 days
A couple hours or 1 day at 70-80 degrees in the bag with the gel packs
doesn't instantly ruin the shipment 

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Always take a thermometer and check the temperature of the package in the
middle. Then you know if it is good or not.

John S Wilkinson, Rome, NY
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this has  been discussed a few times but I need to bring it up again....

I  mention in another post that I was having Bg problems for over two  weeks
and was very frustrated, one solution I may try after I see my Dr in  a
couple weeks is to change to another insulin.

In the mean time it  was time to order new insulin from the Medco mail

Well it  arrive at about 4:45 on a day with it was 80 degrees outside.
needless to  say it was completely warm inside the package.

I called medco and they  said they would have a replacement package set out
to me and would arrive  on Saturday.
No package...which I don't thingk UPS ships on Saturday anyway  (I think).
Monday no shipment
I call and they tell me that the shipment  was not sent and it would be
arrive on tuesday and someone would need to  receive it at 3:00pm.

Well I asked them if they had some way of  scheduling the shipment so that I
would know when to expect it in the  future.

Blah blah blah they said No....but that I would need to be  around to 
the insulin and get it in cool storage.

huh...you  can ship it to me from Nevada overnight and not tell me when you
are  shipping it?

Anyway when you receive your insulin and the bags are cool  but not cold to
the touch how can you know it is still in the 36-46 F  range.

this came up because after two weeks of battling my BG I was  beginning to
wonder about the quality of my  insulin.


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Welcome to the world of Medco/Liberty.  Went thru  same issue with Liberty 
two weeks ago.  Called Lilli and they said it was  within tolerance.
Barry  (Atlanta)
Diabetes is an Art, NOT a Science. You must master the control  by skills 
and not by knowledge alone.
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