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Re: [IP] Blog: I'm pumping!!

Keep up the enthusiasm and you'll do fine. I love my Paradigm 522 and use 
the temporary basal every time I change sites or the reservoir. I seem to go 
lower when I do either. After 1 day on temporary (50% lower) basal I go back 
to my original setting. Soon the pump will be a part of you and you'll have 
a lot more freedoms than you did prior to pumping. I used the Silhouette for 
a long time and just recently switched to the MIO; all in one auto-injector. 
I love it.
dx 6/1939 pumping with MiniMed 22+yrs.

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From: "Julie Miley" <email @ redacted>
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Sent: Wednesday, June 15, 2011 7:06 PM
Subject: [IP] Blog: I'm pumping!!

>I now am hooked up to my pump and have given myself my first bolus!  The 
>class took 2 and a half hours and there were three of us in it.  One person 
>was switching from another pump to Medtronics, the other two of us are 
>brand new users.
> We went through all the menus, set our different basal rates, set up our 
> bolus wizards.  Also set our alarm methods (mine is vibrate).  Since each 
> of us is using a different infusion set, we each got individual walk 
> through about inserting and such.  I have the Silhouette for now, and had 
> to insert the needle/cannula manually! I was real apprehensive, but 
> managed to do it with my non dominant hand and it was pretty easy.
> Right now, I'm in temporary basal mode, as I did take my Lantus last 
> night.  Just got a vibrating beep to remind me that I'm in temporary mode. 
> Good to know that works!  I'll go into complete pump basal mode tonight at 
> 10:30, which is when I've always taken my Lantus.  I have three different 
> basal rates set for now, and I'm sure I'll be doing tweaking in the next 
> few weeks.
> My pump is the Revel Paradigm 723, so I know I'll have enough reservoir 
> room for upping daily insulin needs.  For now, I'm filling it with 160 
> Units to last three days.
> I'll be blogging here about my beginning adventures, so if you don't want 
> to read, you can delete anything from me that has the word "Blog" in the 
> subject line.
> Julie
> .
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