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[IP] Blog: I'm pumping!!

I now am hooked up to my pump and have given myself my first bolus!  The 
class took 2 and a half hours and there were three of us in it.  One 
person was switching from another pump to Medtronics, the other two of 
us are brand new users.

We went through all the menus, set our different basal rates, set up our 
bolus wizards.  Also set our alarm methods (mine is vibrate).  Since 
each of us is using a different infusion set, we each got individual 
walk through about inserting and such.  I have the Silhouette for now, 
and had to insert the needle/cannula manually! I was real apprehensive, 
but managed to do it with my non dominant hand and it was pretty easy.

Right now, I'm in temporary basal mode, as I did take my Lantus last 
night.  Just got a vibrating beep to remind me that I'm in temporary 
mode.  Good to know that works!  I'll go into complete pump basal mode 
tonight at 10:30, which is when I've always taken my Lantus.  I have 
three different basal rates set for now, and I'm sure I'll be doing 
tweaking in the next few weeks.

My pump is the Revel Paradigm 723, so I know I'll have enough reservoir 
room for upping daily insulin needs.  For now, I'm filling it with 160 
Units to last three days.

I'll be blogging here about my beginning adventures, so if you don't 
want to read, you can delete anything from me that has the word "Blog" 
in the subject line.

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