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Re: [IP] DX Date/T1 versus T2

>> The test to tell if you are type one or not is the C-Peptide. I have 
had it
done about 3 times.  >>

Actually, it's not the *definitive* test.  The C-Peptide is a marker of 
how much endogenous insulin you are producing.  The *definitive* test 
to determine T1 versus T2 is the GAD-65 antibody test.  There are 
actually two OTHER antibodies that T1s may show as being present, and 
there ARE some T1s who may test negative for the GAD-65 but positive 
for one or both of the other antibodies, but they're not used nearly as 
often when making the determination as to type.  This is how LADA -- 
slow-onset Type 1 in adults; I was an adult Type 1, but my dx was no 
different from a child's dx; I was dx'ed in DKA, and I became 
desperately ill in the space of a few weeks with every named symptom, 
and they were extreme -- is normally diagnosed, since many LADAs do 
still have considerable beta cell production at dx, and some LADAs 
often can control with T2 meds for a number of months or even years.

Long story short -- a positive test on one or more or all of the 
antibody tests is the true test of T1 versus T2.

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