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Re: [IP] DX Date

True; but based on a lot of other factors, I'm definitely a type 1. I 
have an autoimmune trigger in my history, I was having all the classic 
symptoms of type 1 at diagnosis, I was young, and I've always been 
skinny.  For me to actually have type 2 is very unlikely. :)

Of course, knowledge about Diabetes still has a long way to go, and I 
suspect Diabetes, itself, is evolving.  Before a "cure" is developed, 
there may be ten or so types that get identified/labeled.

I wrote on 6/10:
  Since I'm on insulin and am going on a pump, my endo doesn't see
  the need for doing those tests.

On 6/11/2011 3:46 PM, Jan H. wrote:
> Except when a new, great med comes along and it has a warning that it
> should not be used for T1 or maybe a T-2 med and could mess you up even
> more if you are warned. Many T-2s use insulin. That doesn't prove
> anything. ;-)
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