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Re: [IP] DX Date

In my case, my pregnancy was the last trigger for my Type 1.  In 1979 
and 1980, I was working in the military at a job in which I was exposed 
to high noise, a few chemicals, and ever rotating day and night shifts. 
  I'd work from 3 - 11PM for three nights, then 11PM - 7AM for three 
nights, 7AM - 3PM for three days, then had 72 hours off.  I worked those 
shifts for a good year and I'm convinced those shifts threw my body off 
so much that my immune system started going nuts.  I got off those 
shifts and was working straight day shifts for a few years, so I'm 
thinking maybe the organized schedule slowed down the attack on my 
insulin making cells.

My pregnancy once again started the attack, and extreme stress at the 
end of my pregnancy (and I was still in the military) finished me off 
and I lost the rest of my insulin making cells.

I also have Meniere's Disorder, which is an inner ear condition.  Many 
hearing specialists call it Autoimmune Menieres.  Certainly seems a 
fitting name for it in my case.  I have balance issues, have lost almost 
all of my hearing, am prone to dizzy spells.  Luckily, I don't have the 
extreme dizziness where I'm living, now.  The dizziness of Meniere's 
could be mistaken for an isulin reaction, and both conditions can be 
mistaken as alcohol intoxication (drunk).

I often say that my body is falling apart but my mind is still sharp, 
LOL!  Gotta find something to laugh about.

I've never had labs run to see if I have the antibodies and such to see 
if I have the genetic markers of type 1.  Since I'm on insulin and am 
going on a pump, my endo doesn't see the need for doing those tests.


On 6/10/2011 3:01 PM, Valerie Adams wrote:
> Wow Julie,
> My diagnosis went much like yours. Gestational, then when my son was six
> months old (and I'd been losing weight like crazy), I was full-blown type 1
> and hypothyroid. Luckily the CDE I saw figured I was type 1 so I've been
> really well controlled.
> But a few years ago, my current endo said how strange it was to have
> gestational and then become type 1 so she ran all the labs to see if I truly
> was type 1, which I am.
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