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[IP] Re:Low spells


I can't help but wonder why you would even get in a car for a trip without
some candy or something with you.  I never get in a car for more than 20
minutes or so without a bag of Skittles or something in my bag. 

Peoria, IL

Candace Hackney <email @ redacted>
 [IP] Camping Trip

Just wanted to let everyone know that I've
been back lurking so as to come
back to create some flack! Ha!  "Jus'
 kiddin'....kinda. That's what makes for
good readin' right?"

 discovery I made while on my trip was that my loved one still can't
low "spells" as my dad used to put it.

Let's see...
driving up the mountain with many "switchbacks", and "hair pins"
some other slang term I heard other than the hair pins which I remember
 when my parents and us kids went there (Smokey Mountains). So me the
 (doing really well the entire time) all of a sudden (not really)
 proceeded to go through the belly of the switchbacks which has taken
 some time to get very many miles from the slow hazardous driving
 related to the environment (and my low sugars to boot), realized
 and brought it to my beloved that we need to stop and get something

 I now have thanked the man upstairs that I was able to detect my 32
and that there was a place there we knew about when we went that
 route the
first time (in the midst of the Smokey's meaning way up
there and not much of
anything except the splendor of the earth
around) and decided to turned around
to go back and spend the night
and drive in the morning.  So we stopped and
got what they had and
treated my "spell" and took plenty ot time once
discovered to even
think about getting back on the road!

So needless to say, I hope
that my boyfriend knows that I am pretty good and
should know that if
 I am not on it, and a little off somehow, then just
assume it is a low and make sure something sweet gets in my
without even trying to wonder why, which is a whole nother subject I
 as far as he is concerned.  I hope not.

The trip I have decided
was a trial run and it makes me feel better. Also, I
tried to scout
out some new spots which is hard to do in the mountains. I
want to venture that far because of time and money and wear and tear on

Hope everyone is doing good and hangin' in there....
 (or Candy depending on how I feel about diabetes when I sign).
the diabetic named Candy
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