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Re: [IP] Camping Trip

Wow, good thing you found a place to eat!  After my 26 BG reading of a 
few weeks ago, I always have either a non diet soda, orange juice, or 
fast acting, nonfat candy by my side.  After I go on my pump, I will 
continue to have fast acting glucose with me at all times.  We never are 
fully in control of our Diabetes and never know when we'll bottom out or 
hit a bad high.  Having the tools at hand to counter such problems right 
away is essential. Oh, yeah, also have Glucagon around and my husband 
knows where it is.

Good that your boyfriend is learning about your Diabetes and how he can 
help when you go low!


On 6/10/2011 9:22 AM, Candace Hackney wrote:

> So needless to say, I hope that my boyfriend knows that I am pretty good and
> should know that if I am not on it, and a little off somehow, then just
> automatically assume it is a low and make sure something sweet gets in my
> mouth without even trying to wonder why, which is a whole nother subject I
> guess as far as he is concerned.  I hope not.
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