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Re: [IP] Re: help with CGMS

 I have the same problem as you plus after 44 years of shots to my stomach,
nothingg worke there. I found that using the upper thigh of my legs works really
 One leg is for the pump and the other is fpr my CGM. If you haven't tried that,
you could give it a try.
On Jun 6, 2011, at 6:03 PM, Pam Brown wrote:

 > Thanks for the suggestion, Peter, but my restlessness isn't due to sleep
> I don't snore much and I'm not overweight. I am rested in the morning and
> during
> the day, so my sleep itself is of decent quality. My problem is that I get 
 > pressure points really easily on my shoulders and hips and constantly have to
> change positions to relieve them. I need a really cushiony mattress, which
> helps
> a lot but doesn't solve the problem totally.  Forget trying to sleep on the 
> ground camping or on a really hard bed. Pam
> <I am a very restless sleeper and get pressure points easily so I
> constantly toss from side to side and on my back, so the only area
> that is safe for sites is my stomach....
> - ----
> The Continuous Positive Airway Pressure( CPAP) machines can
> significantly reduce sleeping restlessness. There is more reason to
> consider CPAP therapy if you snore or are overweight? A visit to a
> sleep clinic may help solve more than one problem.        Peter 1>
> .
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