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Re: [IP] Pump Shopping Question

 <But you say your insurance
considers each box of Omnipod Pods as DME.  I've never been on another pump
and so I suppose this is what my insurance does to as it's billed as DME
along with the rest of my supplies.  How are your pump supplies billed if
you're not on the Omnipod?  Is it a prescription refill to get extra tubing
sets and cartridges?  Are these not DME no matter what pump your on?
Rebecca B.>
 With my plan, pump supplies are considered Home Healthcare and they pay 100%.
My DME has a fifty percent copay. Edgepark said each box of pods is considered
DME to my HMO and would cost me fifty percent for every box.
 My strips and insulin go as pharmacy, and cost $10 and $35 per refill. After
having this discussion elsewhere, I can honestly say every insurance company is
vastly different.
 I do choose my own plan. Hubby and I go as two individual employees of a small
business. I could up my premiums next Feb and probably get a pump 100 percent
paid but my monthly insurance would go from $872 (and whatever the annual
increase is) to probably over $1300 a month. And the economy has hit our
business very very hard so I would have to weigh everything out.Hope that clears
up the confusion.
Laura, NM.
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