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Re: [IP] Pump Shopping Question

I'm kind of confused and this may be off topic.  But you say your insurance
considers each box of Omnipod Pods as DME.  I've never been on another pump
and so I suppose this is what my insurance does to as it's billed as DME
along with the rest of my supplies.  How are your pump supplies billed if
you're not on the Omnipod?  Is it a prescription refill to get extra tubing
sets and cartridges?  Are these not DME no matter what pump your on?

Rebecca B. Jervey

On Thu, Jun 2, 2011 at 5:43 PM, Laura Shapiro <email @ redacted> wrote:

> <So yes I would suggest you do the research in advance and look out for
> yourself - and get yourself the best deal with your insurance.
> Erikao;?>
> Erika, wow, thanks for taking time to share your story with me.
>  I did request quote info from MM today. I know my copay is awful, but like
> you
> said, you never know. I was told they work harder with insurance companies.
> I'd
> take a Revel or another Ping, I dont mind either one and I cant get a CGMS
> so
> that doesnt factor in to anything.
> After what Mark wrote, I'd take a Spirit pump too I think.
>  My HMO does not like Omnipod (considers each box as DME). No adhesive
> issues
> for me!
>  I surely would like to see what MM can do for me, and yes Animas said they
> cannot do anything except let the supplier my HMO uses handle a payment
> plan if
> they want to.
> We'll see what happens. Thanks so much for caring enough to write!
> Laura in NM.
> .
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