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Re: [IP] Pump Shopping Question

<So yes I would suggest you do the research in advance and look out for
yourself - and get yourself the best deal with your insurance.


Erika, wow, thanks for taking time to share your story with me.
 I did request quote info from MM today. I know my copay is awful, but like you
said, you never know. I was told they work harder with insurance companies. I'd
take a Revel or another Ping, I dont mind either one and I cant get a CGMS so
that doesnt factor in to anything.
After what Mark wrote, I'd take a Spirit pump too I think.
 My HMO does not like Omnipod (considers each box as DME). No adhesive issues
for me!
 I surely would like to see what MM can do for me, and yes Animas said they
cannot do anything except let the supplier my HMO uses handle a payment plan if
they want to.
We'll see what happens. Thanks so much for caring enough to write!
Laura in NM.
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