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Re: [IP] Pump Shopping Question

I do believe that you can apply for two pumps at the same time to see who
gives you the better deal. I wanted an Animas (my husband works on pools...)
but my insurance said no and Animas refused to work with me. They offered no
payment plan and said that I could pay for the pump in full at the insurance
rate before they could ship it out. I don't exactly have $3500 laying around.
My insurance said I couldn't have an Animas because I had the Cozmo for about
2 years and I couldn't get a new pump until my 4 years was up even though
Omnipod said the warranty was something like two years. With the Omnipod I had
such severe rashes (Saw a dermatologist 3 times about it and got notes sent to
my endo) and skin allergies due to the pods. Despite the photos and
dermatologist endorsement to get me a new pump Animas and my insurance still
said no. I asked my endo to write a letter to the insurance company and Animas
still said no they would not work with me so his letter didn't do me any good.
So I applied for a pump with Minimed at around the same time just to see what
they could offer me, you don't have to get the pump until after they tell you
what it costs with your insurance. Since my deductible was paid already they
said that I could probably get a free pump. So I sent my recent logs, photos
of the skin allergies and rashes I was getting because of the pods, and my
endo wrote a letter to my insurance to get them to cover the pump because of
the severe problems I was having. My dermatologist recommended I discontinue
use of the Omnipod after she saw my skin the first time. Of course my endo
said I shouldn't so I endured it as long as I could before I got a new pump.
So anyways I got a new pump since my endo also wrote a letter correcting the
fact that I'm really a type 1 and not a type 2 like his nurse put that fills
out the pump paperwork (I was so mad at her for that). A year later I got the
CGMS and insurance approves it and I get sensors with my quarterly pump
supplies for a 20% co-pay.
I saved $3500 by getting the Minimed pump instead of the Animas pump. You are
supposed to get the same co-pay according to your insurance policy but
sometimes it depends who you talk to, they may be able to get you extra
So yes I would suggest you do the research in advance and look out for
yourself - and get yourself the best deal with your insurance.


On Jun 01, 2011, at 03:23 PM, Laura Shapiro <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Thanks Rebecca.
> My HMO unfortunately goes through Gentiva/Carecentrix and if anyone here
> dealt with that, you know what a pain it is.
> Essentially it blocks me from any special programs or trade in value.
> So I need to see what Animas and MM are going to come in at through that
> ridiculous supplier. My copay is fifty percent, so I am not too hopeful of
> able to do anything this August when my warranty goes up, but it is worth a
> look-see. I'd be happy with either company...
> Laura in NM.
> <I believe (but speak with your insurance and/or pump company) that the
> insurance approves an insulin pump and then it's up to you which pump to
> get.>
> .
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