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Re: [IP] Spirit?

I have been using The Spirit Insulin Pump now for about 3 years. As I have 
posted in the past, the Spirit is remarkably easy to use. It has a 315 ml 
cartridge and the down loaded information is easy to understand and put to 
everyday common sense use. It is basically a 2 button operation.
      It amazes me that people harp and put down the Spirit pump saying it 
expires after 6 years. It does. But I have in writing from Roche that they 
will upgrade me for free after the 6 years. I got that in writing before I 
committed the the Spirit pump.
     The service is beyond reproach. The dependability is remarkable. The 
ease of use for even a new pumper should make you want to buy one.    Mark 
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From: "Elizabeth Blake" <email @ redacted>
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Sent: Thursday, June 02, 2011 3:03 PM
Subject: Re: [IP] Spirit?

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>> From: Alan Segal <email @ redacted>
>> I have not heard much here either. I am considering it when my MM 
>> warranty
>> is up in september, poor eyesight makes the reading of the screen hard. 
>> They
>> are coming out with the "combo" version, which if you use google, you
>> can
>> find some info. Not out yet in US .... soon. I would like to see what 
>> other
>> people think of this also
> I think the Combo has been out in Europe for a couple of years already. 
> With
> the way the FDA is working now, I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for it 
> to get
> approved here.
> The Accu-Chek Spirit pump that is available here is 3 parts - the pump, 
> the
> meter and the bolus calculator. There is nothing like the Bolus Wizard 
> built
> into the pump itself; you have to use the extra piece of equipment or do 
> the
> math yourself. Either way you must enter the bolus amount into the pump
> yourself. The meter and bolus calculator do not communicate with the pump.
> It also has a 6 year timer built into the pump, so no matter it will stop
> working in 6 years. While many people look to get a new pump as soon as 
> their
> warranty is up, many others can't afford to do and want to be able to use 
> a pump
> as long as possible even if its out of warranty. Look how many people here 
> have
> said they're still using their Cozmos because they don't feel the other 
> pumps
> will meet their needs. With the current economy and so many people without
> insurance and/or jobs, it doesn't make sense to choose to buy something 
> that you
> know will expire at some point even if it's working great.
> I have not see the Spirit in person but from the web site, the screen 
> looks
> like it's even smaller than Minimed's. The pump in the Combo system is the 
> same,
> but the meter & bolus calculator have been combined into one unit that 
> also acts
> a remote, like the Animas Ping.
> --
> Liz
> Type 1 dx 4/1987
> Minimed 723 Revel + CGMS
> .
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