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Re: [IP] Medicare

I ran into about the same thing.  I had to get my secondary insurance to call 
 both Minimed and Animas to straiten it out. The out of pocket costs would have
been huge.  Both manufacturers said they required I use one of three outside 
services none of which were on my secondary insurance list as providers.  
Finally after pleading, a rep from my secondary got on the phone with me and 
 there was an amazing reversal....like why would I make all this up and why
I have called all of these third parties.    

I  suspect that a supervisor was involved in the previous call that did not 
 include me. My guess is that the service reps at the pump companies were told
 to force clients to use these third parties. Given the money they are making on
CGMS and that the major insurance companies are the only ones funding it, that 
clout may not hurt.   Something to keep in mind when selecting a secondary 
insurance to medicare.  

 Take care,
Francesca Alfino, dx '68 pumping since '93

From: Richard Price <email @ redacted>
To: email @ redacted
Sent: Thu, June 2, 2011 12:18:30 PM
Subject: Re: [IP] Medicare


On Feb 26, 2011, at 9:56 AM, Peter Proza wrote:

> A few years ago it looked like Animas ,without explanation, dumped
> their Medicare customers into the jungle of mail order suppliers.
> About a year ago I tried to get some straight information about that
> apparent change from Animas and got caught in a three way hustle with
> an Animas rep.  and (some one who said that they were) a CCS  sales
> person.  It was a complete waste of time except I got an interesting
> inside look at two large companies.
> The wording in some recent IP posts make me wonder if Animas has
> changed its sales policies. Are there any IP Medicare members who now
> get their pump supplies directly from Animas ? And if you answer,
> please tell me if you work for Animas or CCS.  Thank you.
> Peter 1
> .
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