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Re: [IP] Blood glucose spikes high for 2 hours after meal then drops like a ton of bricks?

I am certainly no expert, but it seems to me that you have to lower your
basal rates for the night.  Ask your doctor.

On Thu, Jul 14, 2011 at 2:51 PM, Kathleen Peterson <
email @ redacted> wrote:

> Hello everyone. I was lucky enough to participate in an artificial pancreas
> study but they had to discontinue because my blood sugar dropped suddenly
> about 70 points in 1 hour without being given any insulin. Nothing was
> abnormal about the meal, etc. In addition, the insulin was taking a very
> long
> time to work, as well. I am wondering if anyone has had any issues. The
> researching doctor thinks that I may have celiac disease or an adrenal
> issue.
> Has anyone had this issue? My blood glucose looks like it is spiking then
> acting quickly to bring it down suddenly.
> After this incident, they looked at my cgms from the day before and I had
> low
> blood sugar at the same time of night and it stayed below 50 for over 6
> hours.
> I don't usually wear a cgms so this was shocking and scary. I'm not sure
> what
> to do and am really concerned. I have an appointment with my doctor today
> but
> any other ideas would be great as well.
> Kathleen
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