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RE: [IP] mobile phone and computer records


Thanks for your comment.  At the moment I am trying out a free copy of
SiDiary.  It does just what I want.  It can import my pump as well which is
not what I was asking for.  At present I am, however, confused with
something I have done in setup.  I tried this program out some years ago and
liked it then but it did not do exactly what I wanted at the time.  It has
now had many improvements and extensions made to it.


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I made up a simple form to input insulin, carbs etc. I made this about
20 yrs ago and if I can remember, I will re-invent it.

James St. John
Type 1 since 1970,
Pumping since 1981.

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Subject: [IP] mobile phone and computer records


I am trying to find a new way to easily keep a record of my bgs, insulin
carbs.  I know software is available from pump and bg meter companies
but I
have not found one that does exactly what I want.  I want to be able to
my data on a program on my mobile hopefully offline, so I can refer back
it at I desire.  I then want to send the information on to my computer
there is a fair amount and be able to print out the records as graphs.
memory is so bad that I am finding comparison difficult and wondered of
anyone else keeps their record on their mobile.  The phone I have is a
5800 smart phone which has a symbian operating system which is confusing
issue.  I hope someone has some ideas.

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