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[IP] Pumps can be replaced when they die?

 OK, I think it was Jan H. who mentioned that some insurance co.s will replace
pumps when they die.
Apparently this is true.
 My HMO called and said they will replace my Ping when the current one is no
longer functioning, no matter what the time frame is past the warranty expiring.
 I was surprised but sure enough it is in the plan. No destroyed, stolen or lost
pumps covered but otherwise yes.
 This is good news for someone like me who cant afford the copay, is happy with
current product and not really interested in anything new (the Vibe doesnt
interest me at all).
 Still waiting for one phone call back on this issue, but looking promising and
I wouldnt have known if Jan didnt mention (and if it was someone else, forgive
me and let me know who you are!).
Laura in NM
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