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Re: [IP] Should I take a break from pumping?

I have had the same issues, I took a two week break. It helped, but making
sure you change sites and don't go back to that site for at least a month
really helps.
On Jul 10, 2011 4:00 PM, "R Stingley" <email @ redacted> wrote:
> I need help!!
> I have been on an insulin pump since 2001. I have been having issues with
> scar tissue, pump bumps, infections this past year. I currently change my
> site every three days, as it's not worth it to me to change every two
> since it takes me awhile to get the blood sugars stable after site
> Last night, I noticed that my site was red (sign of site infection), and I
> had just changed it that morning. So, after twelve hours, I had to remove
> and reinsert in another spot. Absorption seemed unusually poor, so I just
> changed that site just now, and noticed that it too was red and inflamed.
> So now I'm onto site three in just over 24 hours!
> Has anyone else had this problem??? I am seriously considering going back
> to multiple daily injections.
> If so, will a pump vacation remedy this problem?
> Has anyone gone on a pump vacation--and what were the results? I love
> able to pump, but not if I'm dealing with infections and constant site
> changes.
> Any help is much appreciated!
> Blessings,
> Ruth
> Type 1 since 1975
> .
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