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Re: [IP] Need Advice About Site Absorption Problems

I took shots for the 1st 39-40 years. Then changed to the MM pump 22-23 
years ago. I too thought it was great to change my site only if necessary 
(7-9 days) until I had so much scar tissue there were very few places left 
to use. My arms never have been able to absorb the insulin. I thought the 
metal needles were awful; kept hitting nerves for some reason. When I 
regained my senses and began to change every 2-3 days using alternate areas 
of my body; scar tissue became less of a problem. I used Silhouettes 
inserting manually for several years and had good results. Recently changed 
to the MIO with the short canula and have few if any issues with scar 
tissue. The only issues I have ongoing relate to bleeding due to taking the 
daily aspirin.

>> From: Laurel Sedgwick <email @ redacted>
>> What I would really appreciate is suggestions from others with this 
>> problem
>> (or familiar with it) as to other types of infusion sets that might work
>> better.  Now that there are so many companies producing adaptors that 
>> allow
>> the use of most any set with MM's proprietary Paradigm pumps, I am hoping
>> that some other manufacturer can do a better job of addressing this issue
>> with Teflon cannulas than MM.  I've never been very impressed with the 
>> sets
>> MM offers, anyway, but I stick with the company because they are the main
>> game in town for CGMS.  Or if you have used metal-needle cannulas (MM's 
>> or
>> others) with success, I would like to hear about that, too. > 
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