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Re: [IP] Stevia

I use Stevia whenever I can. It is a natural sweetener from South America.
Theory has it that it would have been introduced in the US sooner but for
the strength of the Sugar and Artificial Sweetener (aspartame and sucralose
manufacturers) entities.

It was introduced in the US as a "supplement" and eventually took hold as an
alternative sweetener.  Now that it has gained traction, both Coca-Cola
(Truvia) and Pepsi (Purvia) have invested in competing companies that
manufacture it.  Rumor has it that both Coke and Pepsi will be introducing
sodas using Stevia as the sweetener.  There are many many food products on
the shelves that use Stevia. My favorite is the SoBe Lifewater (look for the
"0 calories" near the top of the label).

As far as the nutritional value, Stevia contains Erythritol, which is the
sugar-alcohol that provides the sweetness.  According to the Truvia label, a
packet says it has no fat, no sodium, 3 grams of carbs and no protein.
Truvia mixes like sugar (that is, two packets of Truvia sweetens like two
packets of sugar).  It dissolves like sugar.  You can bake with it.  It does
not break down into formaldehyde like aspartame.

It does come in varying strengths and forms (powders and liquids).  When it
was first introduced, it had a bitter aftertaste, but either they fixed it
or I became accustom to it.  And yes, it is comparatively expensive (or is

>From my experience I can tell you that it does not affect my sugars
(although, as always YMMV).

One year, I grew the Stevia plant at home (in Illinois), and chewed on a
leaf, and it was sweet.

Three cheers for a natural alternative.


 On Jul 9, 2011 3:49 PM, "Richard Price" <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Pure Stevia is very light and it takes so little to sweeten my coffee that
> don't even consider whatever nutritional value it has.
> It comes from a root and it is available mostly in packaged form which has
> additives and I don't use it because it is both expensive
> and I don't think it's a good but.
> Fortunately pure Stevia is available in some health food stores and it is
> great. It cost about $85.00 a pound however it is very light weight
> and a little goes a long way. I use less than a quarter of a pound every
> months and it probably ends up costing less than using the packaged form.
> Richard
> On Jul 9, 2011, at 12:41 PM, Peter Gubbe wrote:
>> Does anyone on IP know anything about Stevia?
>> I am at a 'Health-Fair' and people claim benefits.
>> I did not see any nutritional information on the label.
>> Peter
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