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Re: [IP] Need Advice About Site Absorption Problems

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> From: Laurel Sedgwick <email @ redacted>
> What I would really appreciate is suggestions from others with this problem
> (or familiar with it) as to other types of infusion sets that might work
> better.  Now that there are so many companies producing adaptors that allow
> the use of most any set with MM's proprietary Paradigm pumps, I am hoping
> that some other manufacturer can do a better job of addressing this issue
> with Teflon cannulas than MM.  I've never been very impressed with the sets
> MM offers, anyway, but I stick with the company because they are the main
> game in town for CGMS.  Or if you have used metal-needle cannulas (MM's or
> others) with success, I would like to hear about that, too. 

 First of all, the pump companies don't actually make their own sets. Unomedical
makes a lot of sets for the different pump companies and will make the same
exact set under different names for Minimed & Animas or other brands. The Animas
Inset & Minimed's Mio are the same set except they have different connections at
the end of the tubing. So, I don't really think that looking for other brands of
sets will do much good.
Unomedical's infusion set page: http://alturl.com/kqbuv

 I have only been pumping for a little over 6 years and from the start I changed
every 3 days. I also tried to rotate sites as much as possible so luckily I
don't have any scar tissue buildup and have no practical advice for you there. I
started with Quickp-Sets but had a lot of problems with them so I changed to
Silhouettes. For the past 5 1/2 years they have been my main set and I have no
problems with them. I also use Sure-Ts sometimes because they allow me to use
areas that were hard to reach with Sils, such as my arms. The Sure-T is a metal
set that goes in at 90 degrees so it's super easy to insert in hard to reach
places. I've reached around and put them in places on my back. I just have to
make sure I can reach around to stick down the little connector that the tubing
 ape required to be a pain. Mios work well for me but I don't care for the
built-in inserter.

Type 1 dx 4/1987
Minimed 723 Revel + CGMS
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