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Re: [IP] Need Advice About Site Absorption Problems

Gee, I was about to write to this group because of MY problems with 
absorption with some infusion site changes!  I'm using the MM Silhouette 
and have found that, if I insert the set too shallow, I get the 
absorption problems.  I have the 13mm cannula.  If I insert at a 20 
degree angle with the inserter, I find I have much better absorption and 
BG readings.

What bugs me is that one area in particular has had problems twice with 
absorption, but when I was injecting in that area, things were fine. 
When I did MDI, I always just stuck the needle straight in, but with the 
Silhouette sets, I have put them in at 45 degree angles.  That's when I 
seem to be having the absorption problems!  I have definitely taken the 
advice of endo and MM and change my sites/reservoirs every three days.

Also, with the really warm weather here, I'm sweating more and finding 
my insertion sites get more easily irritated.  Just no way I'd try and 
go more than three days at a time because of this.  BTW, I'm within the 
"normal" weight range for my height and bone structure, but do have some 
"fluffiness" in waist and hips!


On 7/9/2011 5:30 PM, email @ redacted wrote:
> I started running in to the same problem, couldn't figure out why I had
> trouble with keeping my blood sugars down. I listened to a Mini Med rep who
> said  that keeping the insulin fresh in the reservoir can help quite a bit,
> and also  changing the sets every 2-3 days would make a big difference in
> deliveries..
> I certainly tried it, and he was right! I only keep enough on board for 3
> days then I put in fresh insulin.
> Time consuming-but safe in the long run.
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