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RE: [IP] RE: aspirin / High aspirin dosage may curb heart attack risk in diabetes

John Wrote:
The problem today is we are inundated with Information, GOOD and BAD. Most of
the studies are funded by Pharmaceuticals, and orientated to make them money.
Most medical news is presented to make money for somebody. Even University
research programs are funded by Big Pharma...

Ricardo Responds:
Hi Again John,
I agree with your assessment.
Not to say that all Pharma is bad, but we as consumers have to do our due
diligence to separate fact from marketing. I have learned over the years to
not rely on the abstract of studies, which can easily spin the results of
faulty, poorly designed studies. Pharma marketing knows that most of us don't
have medical backgrounds and don't have the time to read and understand the
studies. Many time starved doctors also fall prey to the abstracts. More and
more commercials and print ads directly target the end user to get them to
pressure their doctor for a particular treatment, which is usually given an
exotic sounding name. Over the years I have watched what used to be called
"male impotence" marketed as "erectile dysfunction" and then the supposedly
less embarrassing "ED" and now the latest "Low-T". Most of what is marketed
are treatments that ensure a steady stream of revenue for the drug
manufacturer. Cures are bad for business and some view Pharma from the
perspective of "A Patient Cured, is a Customer Lost".
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