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Re: [IP] Double Diabetes?

June, I did not change my insulin dosages when I started Metformin. The Met
I am using is Met ER (extended release) which is taken twice per day. The
tablets are 500 mg and I was prescribed two tabs each dosage. That would be
1000 mg with breakfast and 1000 with dinner. I decided to start with only 1
tab (500 mg) for each dose. I always like to ease my way into a new
medication. I saw my insulin requirements gradually dropping, so I adjusted
my pump settings. After things were going smoothly I raised my dosage to
1000 mg for each dose. After more changes on my pump I was very stable and
my total daily insulin dosage has dropped 30-40%.

On Tue, Jul 5, 2011 at 11:53 AM, June Searle <email @ redacted>wrote:

> Hi Richard
> That's inspiring and just what I wanted to hear about people's success with
> Metformin.  However, no-one has yet given me any idea what percentage to
> cut
> my insulin by when I start.  I want to avoid a hypo and also not have to
> give too large a correction.  Perhaps it is an impossible question for
> anyone to give me any help with.
> June
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> I have been type 1 for 65 years. In 1998 I was diagnosed with insulin
> resistance, which is the defining characteristic of type 2. I have been a
> double diabetic now for 13 years. I used Avandia tablets for 12 years and
> it
> helped my resistance very much. Since Avandia has caused some people heart
> problems, my doctor now has me using Metformin. In the few months I have
> used Metformin I have lost 11 pounds. I have leveled off and my weight
> seems
> to be stable now, I am only 6 pounds overweight. I take 1000 mg tablets,
> one
> with breakfast, and one with dinner in the evening. My diabetes is very
> stable with my insulin pump + Metformin. Some people have temporary gastric
> problems with Metformin, but that almost always stops after 3 weeks oe so.
> I
> did not have any side effects at all.
> On Mon, Jul 4, 2011 at 4:07 PM, June Searle <email @ redacted
> >wrote:
> > Today it was suggested that as well as 50 years of Type 1, that I might
> > also
> > have Type 2.  It was suggested I might try Metformin to try to help with
> > insulin resistance and weight loss.  The doctor has suggested a tablet in
> > the morning and another before the evening meal.  I have been looking at
> > Google and this probably sound OK and he has suggested trying it for 1
> > month.  My question is, has anyone else done this and if so, how did they
> > go
> > about adjusting their insulin before starting.  I do not want to land
> > myself
> > with a big hypo if I can avoid it.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if this is
> the
> > answer to losing weight?  I think it is worth a try.  Please give your
> > comments.
> >
> > June
> > .
> .
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