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RE: [IP] Re: venting

Hi Susan,

 You are amazing! I'm amazed at such a low A1c. Two questions: 1) With such a
low carb intake do you have any issues with energy, and 2) do you ever run into
problems with ketones?


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Hi Susan,

 I was fortunate to discover Richard K. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution many years
ago. I also had a wonderful endocrinologist, David Price, who believed in
empowering diabetics to "eat and live the way they want to" rather than use the
old sliding scale that I was initially given.

 Diabetes fits my type-A personality; I'm a bit of a control freak so I see
keeping my blood sugar at target a personal challenge.

 I keep my carbs super low: less than 30 grams a day. The only carbs I eat are
veggies. I know that many people don't subscribe to as strict a lifestyle but it
works for me and I don't miss fruit or other carbs.

 Dealing with the beginnings of menopause for the last few years has allowed my
weight to creep up though and my numbers have been tougher to deal with.
 I've lost 32 pounds (so far!) since mid-February and am committed to finally
losing the remaining weight that's bugged me.

I'm having to reduce my basals every couple weeks right now, as I'm losing.
 My TDD has gone from 35 units to 22 right now. I am dealing with some lows
lately but I test hourly to keep a careful eye on things.

 I use my pump and temporary basals if I start to become low so I can correct
without extra calories.

 No, I never eat pizza or ice cream. I've had pizza here and there over the
years but I'm lucky that I don't like it that much. I've never bothered finding
out how to work all the square wave bolusing to handle it because it's not worth
it to me. I love shaved ice and use that with sugar free syrups if I'm craving

 I buy Sucralose from a food supplier so I don't get the extra carbs from the
bulking agents that Splenda adds, so I've even cut out a few grams of carbs here
and there from Splenda packets.

 My recent 4.9 A1C is the lowest I've ever had; I usually stay around 5.2-5.6. I
think it's lower because I've lost weight.


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> Valerie, please, please tell me how you have such a low A1C.  Do you 
> ever go low and if you do, how often?  What do you eat?  Do you ever 
> eat ice cream or pizza?  I'm dying to know how you do it.  Susan
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