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Re: [IP] Re: venting

Valerie, please, please tell me how you have such a low A1C.  Do you ever go
low and if you do, how often?  What do you eat?  Do you ever eat ice cream
or pizza?  I'm dying to know how you do it.  Susan

On Mon, Jul 4, 2011 at 3:42 PM, Valerie Adams <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Harris,
> It's my quote that was repeated in Yotadog's post about not letting anyone
> harsh my buzz...
> My latest A1C was 4.9% I've had type 1 since 1992 and was originally told
> I'd never have an A1C under 6 but guess what? I've never had one over 6.0%.
> Every one of my doctors (dentist and eye guy too) tell me that if they
> didn't look on my chart they wouldn't know I'm a diabetic.
> I plan to keep it that way and I believe attitude is a giant part of my
> happiness and success. I'm quite open to new info and spend plenty of time
> experimenting and researching.
> I just don't have any need to hear all the dire facts that so many people
> want to toss at me when they hear I have a disease.
> You're correct about the insurance though; everything for my pump is free
> and I get 1500 test strips for $20 but Kaiser doesn't feel I need a CGMS
> (which they do cover). They feel I don't need it but my endo said she'd
> work
> with me to get one if I want to. After starting the process I realized it
> wouldn't really tell me anything that testing as frequently as I do would
> so
> I'm choosing not to wear/carry another bulky tool around at this point.
> Thanks for your concern,
> Valerie
> On 7/4/11 8:21 AM, "insulin-pumpers-digest"
> <email @ redacted> wrote:
> > Yotadog,
> >
> >  I assume from your post that you have really good control. Sadly, that
> may
> > work
> > against you with the insurance company -- as stupid as that is!
> >
> >  It does trouble me that you seem a little closed off to info . Not to
> spoil
> > your "buzz" but we are more prone to things, whether you "buy it" or not
> -- I
> > don't need to list them here. I've been thru the classes ( and taught
> them)
> > and
> > always keep my ears open for new ideas, and even "tricks" that I can pick
> up
> > from specialists and and other PwDM. i' m hoping you do listen to new
> ideas
> > (often found here) because your posting comes off a little strident and
> > close-minded; a dangerous way to be.
> >
> > Hope you are and remain in good health.
> >
> > Harris
> .
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