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Re: [IP] Re: venting


It's my quote that was repeated in Yotadog's post about not letting anyone
harsh my buzz...

My latest A1C was 4.9% I've had type 1 since 1992 and was originally told
I'd never have an A1C under 6 but guess what? I've never had one over 6.0%.

Every one of my doctors (dentist and eye guy too) tell me that if they
didn't look on my chart they wouldn't know I'm a diabetic.

I plan to keep it that way and I believe attitude is a giant part of my
happiness and success. I'm quite open to new info and spend plenty of time
experimenting and researching.

I just don't have any need to hear all the dire facts that so many people
want to toss at me when they hear I have a disease.

You're correct about the insurance though; everything for my pump is free
and I get 1500 test strips for $20 but Kaiser doesn't feel I need a CGMS
(which they do cover). They feel I don't need it but my endo said she'd work
with me to get one if I want to. After starting the process I realized it
wouldn't really tell me anything that testing as frequently as I do would so
I'm choosing not to wear/carry another bulky tool around at this point.

Thanks for your concern,

On 7/4/11 8:21 AM, "insulin-pumpers-digest"
<email @ redacted> wrote:

> Yotadog,
>  I assume from your post that you have really good control. Sadly, that may
> work
> against you with the insurance company -- as stupid as that is!
>  It does trouble me that you seem a little closed off to info . Not to spoil
> your "buzz" but we are more prone to things, whether you "buy it" or not -- I
> don't need to list them here. I've been thru the classes ( and taught them)
> and
> always keep my ears open for new ideas, and even "tricks" that I can pick up
> from specialists and and other PwDM. i' m hoping you do listen to new ideas
> (often found here) because your posting comes off a little strident and
> close-minded; a dangerous way to be.
> Hope you are and remain in good health.
> Harris
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