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Re: [IP] Asante SNAP

Apologies for the long post!

 I started out on the 30 day free trial. On day 27, I told them I wanted to get
one. Then through a weird combination of circumstances it took another 2 months
before I got it. However, they kept me stocked with free supplies, so my 30 day
free trial lasted about 90 days.

 Part of the extension was due to insurance issues. They had to convince Blue
Cross to pay for it. I thought they had done that before the trial began, since
they gave me the cost figures. Next, they had to get a distributor to ship
supplies. That also added to the delays. All issues related to a new product.

 Anyway I like it quite a lot. You use pre filled glass cartridges that contain
300 units of Humalog. Currently that's the only insulin available. Novalog is
supposed to arrive later this year.
 The box of infusion sets contains 10 sets. 5 with tubing and 5 that are just
the canula. They have only 2 sorts of infusion sets. Just like the Animas Inset
(or the Minimed Mio) and the Inset 30 These are the ones with the built in
inserter. They have the right angled type and the diagonal type. Two lengths of
needles and 2 lengths of tubing. These are proprietary sets. Not luer-lock. They
need to be proprietary due to the automatic priming, discussed next.

 Everything gets connected to a "pump body" that is disposable. The body also
contains a battery. The brain is a separate unit that "snaps" into the pump
body. When you hook up a new cartridge to the body and insert the infusion set
with tubing, it automatically primes. No bubbles! Very easy.
 I change infusion sets every 2.5-3 days. My second set is just the cannula and
I reuse the tubing. Official instructions say the cartridge and pump body should
be replaced every 7 days. Not me. I find a cartridge and the pump body last 12
days and then I run out of insulin. The battery may last longer. When I use my
third infusion set, this time with the tubing, it does not prime automatically.
Time will tell if I can still get 12 days i
 sily legible outdoors, and it remembers your settings (prime cannula) between
uses. In contrast to the Animas.
 I find it quite easy to use. My only disappointment (and it was minor) is that
it only has 3 slots for insulin sensitivity. I was used to 4. Dawn (less
sensitivity) , morning through midafternoon (normal sensitivity), and then
afternoon through evening (high sensitivity), then back to "normal".
Well, my other disappointment is that it is not waterproof.

 Other cool features are that if you stop the pump and later restart, it tells
you how much basal you missed. Does the same thing if you stop an extended
bolus. Does not have integrated CGM. I have never had that and I don't think
that's an issue. Has a built in flashlight, but I turned that feature off. Also
currently does not have a way to talk to a computer. My understanding is that
they are awaiting FDA approval on that. The pump bodies can be recycled through
Asante. The pump bodies contain a backup of all the settings in the brain. This
is a nice fail safe in case something goes wrong with either component. When new
features are available you can upgrade the brain for $99. So far I haven't had
the need to test that. I think (but I am not certain) that some new software
features can be introduced via the pump body. The pump Stop menu seemed to
change halfway through my trial. The sales and support people I have dealt with
  friendly and enthusiastic. I had a great training session with the local rep.
She taught me how to best use those built in inserters which I never liked. I
had a real high failure rate. Now I don't.

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 On Jan 30, 2014, at 10:37 PM, "Veronica Elsea" <email @ redacted>

> John, how do you like the Snap? I'm still waiting for them to sell their
> pump here in California, which is silly given where the company is located.
> Anyway, just would like to hear your thoughts so far. Thanks.
> Veronica
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> Is anyone on the East coast using the Asante SNAP insulin pump yet?
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