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Re: [IP] hospital visit

5 hours waiting?  With 12 hours fasting??

2 weeks ago today I had surgery.. Was told to be there at 10:30 for a 12.30
surgery by the doc and then I get a phone call to be there at 9.30 for the
same 12.30 surgery.. However my surgery did not start until almost 5pm and
I had not ate since 7.30 the previous day.. so I was in the "little room"
waiting to go into OR 8 hours. Was in the OR almost 90 minutes so I got out
at about 6.45pm and recovery around 8pm and I did not get food until
breakfast at 8.30 am.. so I FASTED almost 36 hours..
And for surgery I ALWAYS back off pump by 50% but could not not this time
so I only used 50% of my normal Levemir..
Mind you I had back to back surgeries... I had a Port-a-cath aka Central
Venous Access cath replaced (last one was ripped from pectoral muscle aka
chest wall and twisted and then it was also clotted off so No IV access for
anything) (8 January 2014) and then carpal tunnel surgery along with Median
nerve repositioning (it was crushed flat under transverse carpal ligament
and was crushed again as it was being pinched between bones in the wrist
(15 Jan 2014) and now I am getting ready for a major abdominal surgery 14
March 2014
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