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RE: [IP] Lowest BS

Lots of lows over 25 years many below 40 some below 30.  Never lost
consciousness yet...  

The most memorable one was about 10 years ago I was taking pictures at a
Drag racing event.  I had press credentials so I was right next to the
track, just on the other side of the concrete wall.   It was summer in Texas
so it was VERY hot and I was sweating a lot, which means that low BG sign
wouldn't have helped.    Between rounds of racing I walked back to my truck
in the parking lot ( maybe 1/8 mile )- as I was crossing the lot I realized
something was wrong, and my knees started to wobble a little.  IM sure I had
some snack in my pocket and it disappeared fast.   By the time I reached my
truck I KNEW I was really low and was focused on getting to my cooler for
Apple Juice and other carbs.   I drained about 12 OZ of apple juice and was
testing my BG as a fellow racer came up to talk.  He saw me testing and saw
a number like 34 and said that I should be unconscious.  Turns out he was a
Helicopter medic and had never seen anyone upright and talking with that low

He was talking and I was stuffing my face and we started laughing.  I had
been paying ZERO attention to him or the conversation.  120% focused on
getting the truck open and the cooler open and finding more food ....

That may have been pre pump days ...  I rarely go down that fast anymore   


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 What is everyones lowest blood sugar to where you have still been able to
function? Meaning walk and somewhat talk?

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