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Re: [IP] Frustrated, need to vent!

 You can order it online or get certain places to order it. Buy it from Canada
even. Just do some searches.
 Or try laxaday. They sell a cheap kind at walmart. Or see if you can get it
covered under disability.



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> On Jan 25, 2014, at 8:48 PM, SomeoneSomewhere <email @ redacted> wrote:
 > Last I was told domperidone is not approved by the FDA and can not be sold
here. My GI suggested I go to Mexico to get it. He's the same GI that wanted to
put in a g-tube. Maybe I should have taken him up on that.
>> On Saturday, January 25, 2014 6:39:51 PM, Lola wrote:
>> Sounds like your on the right track.
> > You have a GREAT idea. Video yourself !!! What better way. Or yes take the
> docs
>> for a walk.
>> See what they say then !!
> > I hear ya about not wanting yet another doc. If you have a stomach doc
> already
> > ask for domperidone. It's no wY at all as bad as reglan. The worst side
> effect
>> will be that it doesn't do anything at all.
>> Try the weights. Maybe one day that 1/4 mile will seem like kids play !
>> Lolita
>> <3
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>>> On Jan 25, 2014, at 8:00 PM, SomeoneSomewhere <email @ redacted> wrote:
>>> Thanks.
>>  > I am aware that calories in - calories out = weight loss. According to my
 > > basal metabolic rate I would have to eat 640-690 calories a day to lose 2
> a
 > > week, which is what is recommended. I just don't know if I can wait 15
> or
>> more to lose 25% of my body weight which is what they say helps to improve
>> diabetes. I am going downhill faster than that. I never looked at the fiber
>> content of glucerna. :(
>>  > I have tried Reglan (metoclopramine). That is one evil drug. It gave me
 > > severe side effects in 2 days. I still take it if my stomach is truly
> up
> > and I smell like rotten food, but on a prn basis. Usually instead of stuff
> going
> > down though it just makes me vomit. On the other hand, at least I am not in
> so
>> much pain if I vomit it up.
> > > I have a 3 lb weight. I will use that for now. I try to walk to the
> dumpster
>> or to my car (about the same distance) once or twice a day. My mailbox is
> > another story. It is about 1/4 mile away back and forth. I struggle to get
> there
> > and back. But I force myself every few days to otherwise my mail lady will
> send
 > > my mail to the post office which is even worse. I did my yearly allotment
> 10
>> PT sessions a year. I don't get more until October. :( I kept falling asleep
> > during it. Embarrassing to say the least. They did give me some resistance
> bands
 >> that I do use for my weak hips and shoulders, probably not as faithfully as
 > > should. I also try to clean my house for a minute or two every time I get
> to
>> refill my drink. That too exhausts me.
>>  > If I wanted to deal with more doctors, I would ask to do another cardiac
>> stress test, which I failed last time in 5 minutes 2 years ago. Good thing
> > though, is I don't have any coronary blockages! I just don't want to deal
> with
 >> another doctor. I am seriously thinking about asking my dietician or my dr
>> take a short walk with me so they can see what happens. Either that or
 > > beg/borrow/steal a camcorder and take them a video of it. Wonder if I can
> a
> > selfie video on my iPhone? When I exercise, I end up doing deep in breaths
> and
>> pursing exhalation. I have tried to concentrate on taking more even slower
>> breaths but it hasnt worked.
>>  > I have been to the ER at least once a month for the last year, sometimes
 >> more. I swore they would keep me on more than one occasion and they didnt.
> > much as I hate hospitals being in one for observation and/or testing for a
> week
>> or so would probably help me a lot.
> > > As far as my insulin is concerned. I take 50u of levemir at 9 am, and 50u
> at
>> 9pm. I take Novolog if I am over 150 on a sliding scale.
>>>> On Saturday, January 25, 2014 4:33:08 PM, Lola wrote:
>>>> In order to lose weight - when our bodies are working - you need to spend
>>> more
>>>> calories than you eat.
 > > > > Fiber (glucerna has 3 gm 12% daily) can make your gastroparesis worse.
>> have
>>>> it I know).
>>>> If your eating mostly liquids don't cut out fat. You need that.
>>>> Don't eat a lot at once.
>>>> Eat small meals. Even a fruit.
 >>>> It's so very hard to exercise but push yourself. If you do one minute
>>> do
>>>> 1.5 tmrw. Then 2.
>>>> Exercise makes you feel good ...
>>>> I have lung function at 42% I know how hard it is to walk. I can't walk n
>>> talk.
>>  > > Be admitted if you have to. Tell the hospital your at your wits end and
>> need
>>>> help. They can and should teach you everything.
>>>> Are you on gastro meds ?
>>>> Drink water. And then more.
>>  > > Show your doctor your exercising trying etc to do what she wants ...
>> Actually
>>>> work with her. And either it'll work or you can say SEE it didn't work.
>>>> Walking and other exercises actually help gastro too.
>>  > > Go to walmart and buy 1 5 lb dumbbell. It'll cost 5$. You can use it
>> sitting
>>>> down laying down.
 >>>> You can actually use different muscles depending if your sitting it
>>>> You find you need less insulin too if you work at it.
> > > > I lift 5 lbs for ten minutes a day and I've actually been able to
> decrease
>> my
>>>> insulin ratio. After 1 week !!
>>>> Are you on long acting shots ?
>>  > > It sounds like you really have no more choices than to do what the docs
>> said.
>>>> I'd do what they want just to prove it doesn't work.
>>>> And like I said ... If it does ....
>>>> Lolita
>>>> <3
>>>> Sent from my iPhone
>>>>> On Jan 25, 2014, at 2:54 PM, Urb Anism <email @ redacted> wrote:
>>>>> Whoa bottled juice....okay! And taste is not an issue at this point, this
 >>>>> is an attempt to meet nutritive challenges. I'd prefer not to eat fat
> >>>> Greek yogurt all the time, but what can one do? Put ginger in it? Sure.
> Try
 >>>>> some kale carrot ginger with the dial on ELEVEN! Or some chard
>>>>> with Asian pear and chipotle.
>>>>> Pomegranate jicama romaine. Butternut squash cinnamon peach.
>>>>> Wow.
>>>>>> On Saturday, January 25, 2014, SomeoneSomewhere <email @ redacted> wrote:
>>>>>> I have tried juicing. I would rather buy it in a bottle. Nothing I ever
>>>>>> juiced tasted good. In fact, most tasted like dirt. :)
>>>>>>> On 1/25/2014 10:42 AM, Urb Anism wrote:
>>>>>>> I have a *question*. What about juicing/extracting? I know those can be
>>  >>>>> expensive, but...I'm just trying to think of something. Extracting
>> removes
> >>>>>> the bulk of fiber from food, just juicing would pulverize it so fine
> that
>>>>>>> it would be liquid.
>>>>>>> Won't be easy. I have Gastroparesis also, and despaired. I drank apple
>>>>>>> cider vinegar (what??) for an entirely different purpose--it helped
>>>>>>> my Gastroparesis instead, by a fluke. Weird.
>>>>>>> I hope YOU find your solution, by trial and error, by happenstance,
>>>>>>> through
>>>>>>> good fortune, good advice--whatever it takes.
>>>>>>> I'm not recommending anything, but I wish you well.
>>>>>>> B
>>>>>>> On Saturday, January 25, 2014, SomeoneSomewhere
>>>>>>> <email @ redacted<javascript:_e({}, 'cvml', 'email @ redacted');>>
>>>>>>> wrote:
>>>>>>> I don't post here much and I don't know who else to vent to so I hope
 >>>>>>>> you all don't mind. Please keep in mind, I am not looking for
>>>>>>>> for the choices I am making right now. If you have such, please keep
>>>>>>>> them to yourself.
>>>>>>>> My diabetes (last a1c 9.9), neuropathy (lots of untreated pain),
>>>>>>>> gastroparesis (lots of untreated vomiting because I am limited to very
>>>>>>>> few foods
> >>>>>>>
> <http://www.emilysstomach.com/2013/01/gastroparesis-diet-from-mayo.html>
>>>>>>>> not to mention the food allergies I have), neurogenic bladder (peeing
>>>>>>>> myself all the time or cant pee at all) and my blood pressure etc are
> >>>>>>> all out of control. I have been to dr after dr trying to get help and
> as
>>>>>>>> one dr put it frankly, if I am not going to help myself (by losing
 >>>>>>>> weight and getting my a1c down etc) there is nothing she can or will
>>>>>>>> for me. This dr told me that she expects me to vigorously exercise for
>>>>>>>> the next 8 weeks until I see her again. I told her I need to take baby
>>>>>>>> steps and she huffed and said well when you are ready you just let me
>>>>>>>> know. I can't sit up without my blood pressure raising by 40-50 points
>>>>>>>> and it makes me woozy and so I have to stay in bed half the time. The
>>>>>>>> other half the time is because I am in so much pain, I am exhausted
> >>>>>>> because I sleep an hour or so at a time. I can't walk more than 30
> yards
> >>>>>>> to take out my garbage without being out of breath and so exhausted
> when
>>>>>>>> I get back I fall asleep. My PCP called me into her office because she
>>>>>>>> has received similar letters from other dr's she has referred me to
>>>>>>>> lately. They have also boiled things down to my problems being
>>>>>>>> psychologically based.
>>>>>>>> I do have an adrenal tumor which is sporadically producing
>>>>>>>> norepinephrine and my aldosterone levels are either borderline high or
> >>>>>>> almost nill. My cortisol level likewise is not giving consistent
> numbers
 >>>>>>>> and I am waiting for a 24 hour cortisol test to come back. This is
>>>>>>>> of the reason I am seeing so many specialists. I am convinced my
 >>>>>>>> diabetes is so out of control because of my adrenal gland or some
>>>>>>>> hormone causing things to truly be out of my control. Back in Sept, I
 >>>>>>>> was forced into a psychiatric ward under the threat of being
>>>>>>>> by the court because my diabetes is out of control and it must be my
 >>>>>>>> fault. I was screamed at twice by the medical doctor there for
>>>>>>>> food, hiding food you name it.
> >>>>>>> Several doctors suggested an insulin pump, however my insurance does
> not
>>>>>>>> cover one yet they cover the supplies. So I contacted the Charles Ray
>>>>>>>> III Association and they said they would sell me a refurbished one for
>>>>>>>> $1,360 cash. I am on disability and that is twice what I get a month,
>>>>>>>> and I don't qualify for a credit card. I have sold a lot of my things
>>>>>>>> trying to save for it but instead the money has gone to Glucerna. My
>>>>>>>> insurance won't pay for that either unless I have a feeding tube.
> >>>>>>> My blood sugar has bordered on 600 many times in the last few months
> and
 > >>>>>>> my blood pressure spikes puts me at imminent risk of a heart attack
> a
>>>>>>>> stroke.
>>>>>>>> I called my insurance about bariatric surgery and they said I don't
 >>>>>>>> qualify because my BMI is slightly too low (34 and it has to be 35)
> >>>>>>> because they require that I prove for 6 months that I exercise and I
> eat
>>>>>>>> fruits and veggies.
 > >>>>>>> I don't know what else to do except starve myself. In the last 10
> I
 >>>>>>>> have eaten either nothing at all, including juice or glucerna or when
>>>>>>>> have had a single Glucerna, I stop losing weight. I have lost some
>>>>>>>> weight but I am stuck and I have gained 2 lbs back from drinking 1
> >>>>>>> Glucerna a day the last 2 days. Honestly, I am contemplating taking
> meth
>>>>>>>> to lose weight, and I abhor drugs.
>>>>>>>> On top of it all, I am quickly losing my vision. I can't even read a
 >>>>>>>> book. My CDE gave me two paperbacks and I told her I couldn't read
>>>>>>>> and she insisted that my vision will fluctuate and I will be able to
 >>>>>>>> read them. I was so upset tonight I tore up one of those books. I
>>>>>>>> have never done that ever before. I value books.
> >>>>>>> I know this sounds drastic but I am going to die if I don't do
> something
>>>>>>>> and dr's wont help me. I have switched drs many times and I get this
>>>>>>>> same attitude from all of them. Either doctors are too ignorant and/or
 >>>>>>>> lazy to see if something is wrong with me that is out of my control,
> >>>>>>> something is essentially wrong with me and I don't deserve to be
> treated
>>>>>>>> and to live.
>>>>>>>> I am just stuck between a rock and a hard place and I need help and no
>>>>>>>> one will help me. I really don't want to die.
>>>>>>>> Again, not looking for judgement. Reasonable advice will be considered
>>>>>>>> but please keep in mind I have multiple extremely complicated things
>>>>>>>> going on.
>>>>>>>> Louree
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