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Re: [IP] Completely bummed

Thank you so much for the kind words can you explain to me in detail how
you go about using the sets a little bit longer
On Jan 25, 2014 1:09 PM, "Urb Anism" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Rick,
> Quite frankly--and I wouldn't recommend this if I hadn't done it for nearly
> two years--you can use infusion sets for more than three days. *It's not
> ideal, unlike the rest of a poor diabetic's life.* People who live in
> a perfectly insured, well-funded world will be shocked and appalled. And
> will chew you out. Over here in the real world, however...
> I extended a few months of generously donated sets to two years because I
> was dead serious about staying on the pump, uninsured, too sick to work.
> Donators are lifesavers, right? I know that. But even they couldn't supply
> two years worth of pump supplies. So.
> Using sets an extra day (or ten!) can help when both supplies and cash are
> low. It's your choice. This is an emergency option that with care, can make
> your supplies last longer.
> Meanwhile, blessings, good luck, and joy to you and your precious son! You
> are wealthy indeed.
> B
> On Friday, January 24, 2014, Rick Priore <email @ redacted> wrote:
> > Being a type 1 since I was 9 years old and now going on 43 I finally let
> it
> > get to me. I always find myself struggling to get supplies mainly quick
> > sets my insurance charges an arm and a leg I'm sure just like everyone
> else
> > and I like a lot of other people fall into the category of the working
> > poor. I had help from a few members on here and I feel like they were
> angel
> > sent from heaven so tonight as I was switching sites I realize I'm
> > completely out of supplies a box of old Kwikset I have I opened and had
> > never seen a connecting and like this before so as I reach for it that's
> > when it hit me I have one 9 millimeter Kwikset left which they tend to
> not
> > work very well on me because im sowie I normally use a 6 millimeter so I
> > call mini Med to see if they could send me emergency supply which will
> last
> > me for 6 days since I change every 3 days and I waited for 47 minutes for
> > them to answer the phone and the person that got on the phone was
> > completely oblivious to anything I was trying to explain to her it
> sounded
> > like she was reading directly from a manual trying to solve my problems
> so
> > now lol I'm sitting here trying to figure out how in the world I'm going
> to
> > get supplies after spending close to 2,000 dollars to move me and my son
> > into an apartment from which I was staying with a friend for 7 months yes
> > its very very difficult to try and raise a five year old in someone
> else's
> > house and also deal with the everyday stress and worry you have of the
> > disease if anyone could offer up any kind of suggestions or help I would
> > greatly appreciate it.
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