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[IP] Completely bummed

Being a type 1 since I was 9 years old and now going on 43 I finally let it
get to me. I always find myself struggling to get supplies mainly quick
sets my insurance charges an arm and a leg I'm sure just like everyone else
and I like a lot of other people fall into the category of the working
poor. I had help from a few members on here and I feel like they were angel
sent from heaven so tonight as I was switching sites I realize I'm
completely out of supplies a box of old Kwikset I have I opened and had
never seen a connecting and like this before so as I reach for it that's
when it hit me I have one 9 millimeter Kwikset left which they tend to not
work very well on me because im sowie I normally use a 6 millimeter so I
call mini Med to see if they could send me emergency supply which will last
me for 6 days since I change every 3 days and I waited for 47 minutes for
them to answer the phone and the person that got on the phone was
completely oblivious to anything I was trying to explain to her it sounded
like she was reading directly from a manual trying to solve my problems so
now lol I'm sitting here trying to figure out how in the world I'm going to
get supplies after spending close to 2,000 dollars to move me and my son
into an apartment from which I was staying with a friend for 7 months yes
its very very difficult to try and raise a five year old in someone else's
house and also deal with the everyday stress and worry you have of the
disease if anyone could offer up any kind of suggestions or help I would
greatly appreciate it.
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