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Re: [IP] "Next Available Representative"

The AccuChek Combo by Roche has a reservoir of 315cc.  Have had mine for 7
months now and absolutely love it.  Only real complaint is that there are a
limited number of carrying options for this particular pump for men when
compared with some of the other pumps.  Have worked around that though.  Many
choices for the ladies though.

From: "email @ redacted" <email @ redacted>
To: email @ redacted
Sent: Wednesday, January 22, 2014 7:43 PM
Subject: [IP] "Next Available Representative"

        I started writing this waiting for the "next available
representative" at the Medtronic MiniMed store.  I called about one-half
hour before the store's closing time.  I kept hearing the message, and
finally, about 45 minutes later, now after the closing time, realized
there was no "available" representative.  I had placed an order on-line,
could it not be found in their system.  So, I had started over with
another order, but Medtronic has not "processed" it.  I called to see if
I could help, but, as I said, no one was there even though they should
have been.  One can get quite concerned about running out of disposable
supplies.  Raises the question of where is the "customer support."
        This leads me to inquire:  Is there a pump made by other than
Medtronic with a 300 cc reservoir that has received good reviews?  With
good customer support?  Or is the solution to buy an iPhone and figure it
will be the electronic equipment I keep on my belt.
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