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[IP] re: Trying to Upgrade to 530G - FEELING FRUSTRATED!

I thought I'd feel safer speaking with a rep. from Medtronic, 
 so I phoned and attempted to order the 530 G in that manner. I was told I would
have to go online. I set up an account, and all was well until I
came to the page where they wanted me to insert my credit card number. 
The price listed was $799.00, and although I read earlier that I'd get 
 money back when I returned my current pump, NOWHERE did it say when they were
going to post that $799.00 charge to my credit card. It would seem unfair form
Medtronic to take the money now, and not deliver the pump
for three months. I am assuming three months, since the web page stated 
it should take 90 days after ordering it to actually get the pump in my 

Is there some small print
 I missed, somewhere, that said I would not be charged until they 
shipped the pump to me?

 I have e-mailed the local Medtronic rep, but I'm posting the question here as
well for two reasons (1) Many of you have already placed your orders and (2) The
Medtronic spies (who, thank you, helped me to get a box of SofSensors AND even
charged them to my insurance before 2013 was over) are likely lurking here!

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