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[IP] Sensor sites/enlite

>Jenny M said:
>The only thing that I have an issue with is the fact that there is a little
>band of tape from the actual sensor that flaps over to the transmitter, and
>that strand of tape is not smooth. It actually can scratch. 

 Jenny - what is scratching you is paper on that piece of tape. Medtronic
doesn't talk about it (I even asked when I was troubleshooting the new sensor on
the telephone)... if you remove the paper, then the top of the tape that is on
top of your transmitter is then sticky. Once it picks up enough fluff from your
clothes, then it's not tacky anymore.

 While the overtape that Medtronic supplies is fine for holding the sensor down,
I find that it sticks to itself more than it sticks to you. Since I'm a klutz
and can yank out a sensor with no thought, I put a piece of Hypafix on top of
the transmitter to cover the edge that faces up so I don't accidentally catch my
figure under the transmitter and pull the sensor and transmitter off.

dx'ed 2/2001, Type 2
530G with Enlite
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