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[IP] Re: want advice re: infusion sets in arms and legs

 Since I'm running out of good sites for pumping, I'm thinking of trying my arms
and legs. So far I've only used these areas for my CGM, never my pump infusion
sites. So for those of you who do put your infusion sets there, please tell me
what parts of your arms and legs you use (front, sides, back) and if you use 90
degree sets such as Minimed Quicksets or shallowly angled sets such as
Silhouettes. If you use the latter, do you orient them vertically or
horizontally (north/south or east/west)? Finally, if you have them on your outer
thigh or arm do you sleep on your sides and if so, is this a problem, especially
if you're fairly lean or muscular?

  I use Silhouettes now on my stomach or back, but when I used to use Quicksets
I couldn't wear them on my hips or butt because when I'd lie on them they'd push
into muscle and have no delivery. So I'm afraid to try Quicksets on my arms or
legs unless it's the front, but the fronts aren't flabby enough so I'm afraid
the Quicksets would hurt. Somehow the idea of Silhouettes on my arms and legs
doesn't sound that pleasant either even though I do use the big long Minimed
sensors (not the Enlites) there and it's okay. I have someone who can insert on
my arms for me, so that's not an issue. Anyway, I'd value any input. Thanks. Pam
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