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Re: [IP] Re: sensor sites

Hi Pam,

I was trained on the previous CGM sensor (can't recall the name right now) in
November last year. I did not feel that it was at all comfortable, and have
been upgraded in December of last year to the Enlite sensor and the 530g

I can say that the new Enlite sensor is way more comfortable than the previous
one. I do not seem to have any issues with them, and I can make them last
about 7 days (approved for 6), although the 7th day always seems a bit more
sketchy and then I know it is definitely time to change the site.

The only thing that I have an issue with is the fact that there is a little
band of tape from the actual sensor that flaps over to the transmitter, and
that strand of tape is not smooth. It actually can scratch. That and the
overlay tape is different. Instead of the big square or other means to keep
the transmitter in place, they supply you with a small itty bitty square with
a hole cut out in the center where you have to center over the site (it is
explained in the pictures). I was not trained on inserting my sensor in my
arms or legs, only my abdomen as I was told that is the area where there is
the best readings for the sensors. Funny how different trainers say different
things, even though they are training patients on the same things.

I do not have any issues when lying directly on the sensor, as I do not even
feel that I have it on. I find that the readings are closer to my finger
sticks than before with the previous sensor (usually within 5 or 10 points). I
was also told to keep cell phones (or any other devices that have electronic
currents) away from the transmitters as that may interfere with transmitting
results and cause a weak or lost sensor alarms. Also keeping the pump closer
to the transmitters (I try to keep my pump right next to the sensor), I was
told should help eliminate those error codes. Anything greater than 6 feet
distance will also cause those errors (per Minimed Tech Support).

Hope this helps. I am interested in hearing about anyone else's experience.

Have a great day! =) Jenny

On Thursday, January 16, 2014 7:36 PM, Pam Brown <email @ redacted> wrote:

Yes, I almost exclusively use my arms for the sensors. Occasionally my thighs
or love handles, but never once my stomach. In fact the Minimed trainer who
trained me on the CGMS five years ago had my start on my thigh and she was
wearing one on her arm. She never even suggested the stomach as she knew I
using that for my infusion sets. I save my stomach and back for my pump
Like you I have been pumping for 20 years and don't have that much real
on my abdomen. I'm running out of sites too for pumping, which is a different
matter for another post, so I definitely avoid that area for sensors.

My first two years on the CGMS I only used my thighs, but as I started
exercising more and getting more muscular in my legs, those sites were not
lasting very long and getting hard red bumps and "ejecting" the sensors after
a few days, so I switched to my arms. I love using my arms for sensors. It's
more comfortable, doesn't have the problems my legs had and seems more
accurate. I've only used the outer sides of my upper arms though, so I can
only fit about three sensors per arm before having to switch arms. Since
that's only six weeks (can't wear them more than 7 days due to skin
issues), I then throw in a couple of spots on my hips and the flabbiest part
of my outer thighs just to extend the time until I'm back to square one on my
arms.  That system seems to work well for me.

I would love to use other parts of my arms, like the front, but am afraid to
as I'm more muscular there and the only place I can really pinch an inch is
the back of my arms. Does anyone else who doesn't have a lot of flab use the
front of your arms for sensors or other spots?

Another sensor question - I want to upgrade to the 530 pump/Enlite sensor
now that my Revel is out of warranty. My concern is that the new sensor goes
straight in rather than at an angle like the old Minimed sensor. I'm worried
about lying on it as I sleep on my sides and wear the sensors either on my
outer arms or outer thighs. That usually works okay with the current sensors,
although occasionally I get a weak sensor or lost sensor reading when I'm
lying on it. I'm wondering how the new straight-in sensor will be in that
regard. Does anyone have experience with that issue? Pam

<Has anyone been using their arms for sensors? I have few if any sites
in the stomach area and above. I need to save those areas for infusion sites.
I'm interested in others experiences with sites and sensors.>
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