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Re:[IP] CVS Diabetes Testing Log- any Windows Vista software?

Bob said:

I have just received a blank(pro forma) testing log from CVS.

The cover letter says that in order for Medicare to pay for my BG test
strips, I need to document my daily testing results for a full month.

I test 12 times per day; I use the Paradigm Revel 723 pump, and I put all of
my tests into the pump.

About every 3 weeks or so, I upload to the Carelink application at

Carelink is a great database tool, and it prints outs a very nice looking
daily log of all my tests.

So wouldn't it be great if I could just staple the Carelink daily log
printout to the blank log sheet and write on the blank form: "See Attached"?

Otherwise I have to very labouriously copy over every single one of my
tests, which for one month is 360 entries! Yikes, talk about repetitive
motion injury.

So has anyone got an automated solution to this problem?

Perhaps Medicare would accept my Carelink log?  Has anyone tried this?

(And all this to justify more than Medicare's limit for Insulin dependent
diabetes of 3 tests per day. But that's a subject for another post!)

Thanks so much for any advice or pointers.


I called the number on the letter when I got this and asked if I could use my
Carelink data table.  It does run 5 pages long for 30 days.  They said yes. My
instructions are to send the log to my doctor when it is filled in, and CVS
will then ask the doctor to send them the log.  They said this is the way
Medicare wants it now.  I wish they would just accept it directly from me.
Putting the doctor in the mix always screws things up.  They hate this
bureaucracy stuff.

Anyhow, I decided to use the form they sent because it is only one page and
may be easier for them to average my number of tests per day for the 28 day
period.  And they said to start the day I got the letter so I did that.  I
just pull up Carelink every day or so and transfer the readings from the data
table to the form.

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