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Re: [IP] A repeat of another question:

Jan - I have had Type 1 since age 5 - I'm now almost 65.    In 1991, age
42, I had a silent heart attack.  My cardiologist did
angiograms/angioplasty procedures every 2 months - from Jan. to Oct.   He
is one of the top interventional docs in the area where I lived and said
female type 1's did not respond well to these efforts but he worked at
trying to keep my heart functioning.  He did not use stents.   In Oct. 1991
they did 3 angiogplasty procedures in a 24 hour period and the vessels just
kept closing.  Even though I was considered a very high risk for open
heart, that became the only option.    My surgeon had me on the heart/lung
machine for the longest time allowed (thankfully my kidneys could manage
that) and he did 5 bypasses.    I did ok until they gave me something to
reverse the heparin and I had an allergic reaction - my heart just quit.
He was prepared for problems and was able to get my heart started but I had
a very long recovery period.  In 1993 I had another silent heart
attack, small amount of damage.   In 2000 one of the bypass areas occluded
so they did an angiogram and put in a stent.  It lasted 4 weeks and the
stent occluded and I had another heart attack.    It was opened but 6 weeks
after that it occluded again but with a very quick trip to the hospital
they were able to open it and "piggybacked" another stent to it.    They
also put me on an anticoagulant (Plavix) and I am still taking it.     So
even though this is not a "wow, everything worked great" account I'm still
managing!      The area that was stented is now giving me some problems,
but we (cardiologist and I) will not go in unless there is no option.   I'm
on a slow release nitroglycerin and that has helped.     He also diagnosed
Cardiac Asthma (precursor to congestive heart failure) but added some meds
and that is now better controlled.

The one point in all of this is that when they did my open heart, I had no
choice.    Now I'm sure I'll hear from others who say I could have refused,
but that's a little hard to do when you are having constant and severe
angina and no medicine will keep the vessels working and blood flowing.  I
was also very fortunate in that my cardiologist and surgeon were well
versed in how a female type 1 is  not your typical patient.     If your
cardiologist is reluctant to go in and try to do stents, at least from my
experience, I think he is taking a careful approach.     As with anything,
I'm sure there are all kinds of statistics for the positive outcomes and
YMMV but I am truly thankful my doctors knew female, long term Type 1's
were a special problem.   They said my vessels were small, narrow and
fiber-like, thus creating a challenge.

Shirley, dx age 5, 1954; Animas 1250 Sept. 2005; Animas PING Oct. 2010

On Sat, Jan 11, 2014 at 7:32 PM, Jan H <email @ redacted> wrote:

> As some of you know, I have 6 heart blockages. I refuse to get sawed open
> to have them repaired. My heartologist won't put in Stents because they
> don't work with T-1s.
> Those of you who are T-1s,  and have had Stents, how many, how long, and
> how are they working for you? I'd like to do a print out and show him the
> results.
> Jan & Muskers- T-1, 11/5/50, pumping 8/23/83, Dialyzing 7/8/02
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