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Re: [IP] Re: Do you use your bolus wizard?

obviously, I wasn't clear on my theory : )

but even if you eat a varied menu, i wonder if people choose things that 
have the same relationship?
you sound like a lower carb, higher veg, avg/med protein kinda gal,  so 
I wonder if all/most of your meals fall into that 'same' ratio of 
carb/protein/fat/fiber? so that portion control of the entire meal is 
the most important thing?

yep, identical meals may (not always, too many other variables ha ha) 
help with control for some, but tends to get boring for people who like 
to eat and taste things, etc.


On 1/7/2014 4:31 PM, d-d wrote:
> I try not to eat the same foods over and over again.  I used to work 
> with a woman who ate the same sandwich (pbj) every day 7 days a week, 
> just to maintain good control.  For the other meals and snacks, same 
> thing. Pbj is good, but I would get bored.
>   Mandatory nutrition labeling is good!  Too bad it isn't on all food.
> Denise Br.
> On 1/7/2014 3:44 PM, schlight wrote:
>> I wonder if some people tend to eat similar food combinations (not 
>> the right term)
>> I know I do, I can take nearly any meal i choose/eat and it will have 
>> the same proportions of carbs to protein and fat
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