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[IP] Re: Do you use your bolus wizard?

I wonder if some people tend to eat similar food combinations (not the 
right term)
I know I do, I can take nearly any meal i choose/eat and it will have 
the same proportions of carbs to protein and fat

I know that I always eat a similar/same visual amount of food from the 
pizza buffet (when we go) and regarless of whether I get the thicker 
pizza, thinner or more breadsticks or whatever.....eating until I feel 
'full' (while eating slowly and working on visiting, and of course, 
helping two others at the table (who cannot go alone, etc) to help me 
feel full faster)

So far, I know that a trip to this place costs me a set amt of insulin 
now and then when we leave, i 'mind verify' what I ate and then do an 
extended bolus to last 2 1/2 hrs, since the carb with fat is higher than 
what I usually eat (at home)

Again, if I didn't lose you, I wonder if each person has a typical for 
them, ratio of carb to protein to fat to fiber that they naturally 
choose........and that for those people, a standard insulin/carb ratio 
works for them a large portion of the time?

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