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[IP] Re: Do you use your bolus wizard?

to answer Glenn's question,
I use the bolus wizard for some foods, while others, I just know (have 
figured out by trial) what the proper insulin/timing/dosage has to be

IMO, having a 'valid' carb (tested on straight carbs, like the examples 
in the boook Pumping Insulin) is a good place to start.......
IME, having a 'valid' carb ratio figured out helps when trying something 
'new' or 'unusual' (not in your usual repertoire)

After finding that basic ratio, then the additional experimentation may 
help you determine what to do about the additional variables of fat, 
protein, high fiber, etc.
(additional insulin, extended bolus for a portion of the basic insulin, 
or for additional insulin, reduction in insulin for fiber?)
Everyone is so very different/individual....and as you age, have changes 
in life, like stress, hormones, weight, etc, these things have to be 
tweaked.....big sigh.....a never ending 'adventure'

Don't give up
(this from someone who often, so very often, decides to eat the same-oh, 
because it is so much easier and of course, predictable, well, except 
when those other life variables kicks in haha)
dx IDDM january 1969
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