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Re: [IP] PECOS???

sarah jones wrote:
I just got a letter from the mailorder people who send me my testing and pump
supplies to the effect that if my MD didn't participate in this electronic
ordering and records transmission system Medicare would not pay for my supplies
 after 1/6/2014. The people in the endos office had never heard of PECOS.
else have this problem? Sarah

Steven Schoch replied:
If I were you, I would try to place an order anyway and see what happens.

My reply:
 Steven's suggestion may not be a good idea. Certain types of providers ordering
or referring items/services for Medicare patients must be enrolled in PECOS or 
claims will be denied as of 01/06. Suppliers have actually been receiving 
warning messages for couple of years if the ordering/referring provider is not 
enrolled but the claims have been paid. The supplier should have been in touch 
 with your doctor. PECOS (Provider Enrollment Chain and Ownership System) is
 to verify the provider/doctor's credentials before claims are paid. The denials
were supposed to start April or May of last year but CMS delayed that due to 
technical issues.

 (I write/update billing software for a company that does billing for doctors
dme suppliers)
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